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Calgary Top Patio Dining places

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Aside from being famous for its striking landscapes and vibrant city life, Calgary also sports some of the best patios for those who like their meals served with a view.

I prepared a guide to the city’s top patios where you can soak up the atmosphere, feast on delicious food, and maybe even snap that perfect sunset selfie.

1. Rooftop Bar @ Simmons


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Address: 618 Confluence Way SE

Phone: 403-452-3115


Rooftop Bar @ Simmons is smack-dab in the hip East Village, and it’s got all the ingredients for a good time. I’m talking outdoor seating that’s as cozy as a pub, complete with fancy umbrella shades and heat lamps for those chillier nights.

And get this—it overlooks the stunning Bow River! An awesome view I always enjoy. In the mood for a romantic evening with that special someone? Or perhaps you’re itching for a raucous get-together with your rowdy crew? This rooftop spot has got you covered for both! It’s the perfect place to ignite the flames of romance or let loose and have a blast.

Why You Need to Go

  • Atmosphere: Ideal for enjoying Calgary’s scenic river views—nature and cocktails are always a good mix.
  • Menu Favorites: Don’t miss out on their gourmet pub food, especially the hot wings and pizzas.
  • Beverages: A robust list of cocktails, beers, and wines to suit any mood.
  • Extra Perk: Live music might surprise you during the Stampede and other summer festivals.

2. Rec Room Deerfoot

Top patios with scenic views

Address: 1180-901 64th Avenue NE

Phone: 587-535-6077


Rec Room Deerfoot is a ginormous, two-story patio nestled in the heart of Deerfoot Mall. And let me tell you, it’s not just for the kids. Nope! They’ve got gaming options that’ll keep both the young and young-at-heart entertained.

My friends with kids absolutely love it here, and I personally found their menu to be quite colorful and satisfying.

Why You Need to Go

  • Atmosphere: Big enough to lose your kids in (and find them again).
  • Games: From mature gaming upstairs to family-friendly arcade games downstairs.

3. River Café

Best outdoor dining spots Calgary

Address: 25 Prince’s Island Park

Phone: 403-261-7670


Nestled in the tranquil Prince’s Island Park, River Café is an awesome café, serving up gourmet dishes made from local ingredients.  And here’s the icing on the cake (or should I say, the sprinkles on the cupcake?): they’ve got a patio where you can soak in the park’s beauty and listen to all its delightful sounds.

This is the place where I go to have a tasty lunch but also get some “escape from the city noise” vibe

Why You Need to Go

  • Atmosphere: A tranquil escape right in the city center—where birds might join your conversation.
  • Dish to Try: I recommend trying Benchmark Beef Tartare.
  • Ideal for: Those looking for a peaceful dining experience away from urban noise.

4. The Wilde on 27

Best Patio Dining place Calgary

Address: 525 5th Avenue SW, Dorian Hotel

Phone: 403-300-6633


The Wilde on 27 is the fancy rooftop hangout perched way up on the 27th floor of the swanky Dorian Hotel. Talk about a view!  You’ll be treated to some jaw-dropping panoramas of downtown Calgary, no less.

And hey, they’re all about that organic stuff, so expect a menu packed with fresh, local ingredients. But that’s not all. This place is buzzing with energy, boasting a great atmosphere that’ll make you feel alive. And the drinks—they’ve got a selection that’s wide enough to make your head spin. So, if you’re up for a classy rooftop experience, The Wilde on 27 is where it’s at.

Why You Need to Go

  • View: The cityscape from up high—where even the buildings seem small.
  • Menu: Focus on fresh, local, organic ingredients. I recommend you try their beef because not only does it taste awesome, but you also give your money for a good cause. For every beef purchase, $2.50 gets donated to feed the children.

5. LuLu Bar

Calgary Lulu Bar Dining

Address: 510 17th Avenue SW

Phone: 403-930-5707


LuLu Bar is famous for its kick-ass L-shaped patio, and they’ve gone and taken it up a notch by slapping on a swanky new enclosure that opens up during the summer. Very fancy, very cozy. But that’s not all. LuLu Bar knows how to bring the vibes.

They’ve got this happening atmosphere that’ll make you feel like you’re at a party in the heart of the Pacific with a dash of Asian flair.  Their menu is awesome as well. It’s all about that Pacific-Asian fusion, and when you mix it with amazing views, you get yourself a full experience.

Why You Need to Go

  • Atmosphere: Always buzzing, never boring.
  • Cuisine: Pacific-Asian flavors that pack a punch. I recommend Sichuan Noodle Salad.
  • Drinks: Comprehensive drink selection—perfect for those who can never decide.

6. Highline Brewing

Dining with a view top patio picks

Address: #113 – 138 9th Avenue SE

Phone: 403-827-6985


Tucked away in Inglewood, Highline Brewing features a quaint patio right in a parking lot. You’ll find yourself nestled in pub-style seating, chilling at picnic tables under those oh-so-fancy umbrellas.

This place is all about their homemade brews, plus, they conveniently sit pretty close to the East Village and Calgary Zoo, so you can hop over for some extra fun.

Why You Need to Go

  • Atmosphere: Quaint and cozy, perfect for those who prefer a low-key outing.
  • Beer Selection & Food: Make sure to try Chicago Doggo and Creamsicle.
  • Location Bonus: Close to East Village and Calgary Zoo—make a day of it!

7. One Night Stan’s

Calgary patio dining options

Address: 520 17th Avenue SW

Phone: 403-452-4407


One Night Stan’s is the place to be if you want some top-notch people-watching action on 17th Avenue SW.  They’ve got fancy elevated patio stools that give you the perfect view.

And if you’re planning to visit during the rush, better get there early ’cause their indoor seating area is kinda cramped.

Why You Need to Go

  • Atmosphere: Great for those who enjoy a bustling street scene.
  • Prime Spot: Elevated seating for the best views of the urban jungle.
  • Advice: Get there early, as seats fill up faster than your drink.
  • What to Order: Their OG Burger is to die for.

8. Trolly 5 Brewpub


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Address: 728 17th Avenue SW

Phone: 403-454-3731


Trolly 5 Brewpub got a killer double-floor patio that’s just begging for you to kick back and relax. The seating options are off the charts. You’ve got your pick of spots to park your behind and soak in the vibes. Now, this place is a real hotspot for all you sports enthusiasts and casual diners out there.

The atmosphere is, let’s say, pulsating with energy.  Plus, they’re always serving up daily food and drink specials, so you can fill your belly without emptying your wallet.

Why You Need to Go

    • Atmosphere: Perfect for anyone who loves a lively crowd.
    • Beer Lovers: A wide selection of beers.
    • Daily Specials: Excellent deals on food and drinks.
  • What to Order: Chef Jeremiah’s Adobo Bowl

9. Blanco Cantina

Top spots for patio dining with a view

Address: 723 17th Avenue SW

Phone: 403-228-1854


Blanco Cantina is the real deal when it comes to rocking Mexican grub and refreshing margaritas. Their daily specials are fantastic, but it gets even better. During happy hour, they slash the prices on tacos, beers, and margaritas, turning this joint into the liveliest spot for chill hangouts. When I crave some Mexican food, this is where I go.

Why You Need to Go

  • Vibe: Always upbeat, occasionally rowdy.
  • Must-Try: Margaritas and tacos.
  • Happy Hour: Notable discounts that make every hour happier.

10. Modern Steak

Modern Steak Calgary menu

Address: 100 8th Avenue SE

Phone: 403-244-3600


At this place, they’ve got this sweet rooftop setup that’ll give you all those sunny vibes you’ve been craving. And as a bonus, their booth seating is as comfy as it gets so that you can enjoy those beautiful views in the finest way possible. It’s a hotspot on the weekends, so if you wanna snag a table, I’d suggest swinging by during non-peak hours.

Why You Need to Go

  • Scenery: A downtown view that will make your steak taste better.
  • Cuisine: Those steaks that are as impressive as the skyline.
  • Tip: Visit during non-peak times, otherwise you’ll probably wait.

11. UNA Pizza + Wine 17th Ave


Address: 618 17 Avenue SW

Phone: 403-453-1183


UNA Pizza is a place that has this adorable European cafe-style patio where you can enjoy some kick-ass pizza and a whole bunch of fancy wines. Despite being kinda small, it’s the hottest spot in town during the summer. Everyone’s dying to get a table there, and once you taste their pizzas, you’ll realize what the hype is all about.

Why You Need to Go

  • Ambiance: Perfect for those who enjoy lively, close-knit settings.
  • Pizza Perfection: Exceptional pizzas. I recommend trying their Beef Supreme.

12. Craft Beer Market

Address: 345 10th Avenue SW

Phone: 403-514-2337


Craft Beer Market just revamped their rooftop, and it is absolutely lit! They added this sick roofed bar in the center, so you can chill and sip on your brews even if it’s raining.  And if the sun’s shining, they got a rad outdoor sitting area where you can soak up those rays.

This place has such a cool and modern vibe, it’s like a magnet for all the hipsters in town, especially during the summer. You don’t wanna miss out on this place.

Why You Need to Go

  • Setting: A modern vibe with a central roofed bar for those sunny days.
  • Beer Selection: Wide and varied, perfect for the indecisive drinker.
  • Popular Draw: Major hotspot during the summer.
  • Menu Must-Try: Kung Pao Lettuce Wraps


These patios in Calgary are a real treat for your taste and your senses. They’ve got it all—mouthwatering food, lively vibes, and views that will leave you breathless.  It’s irrelevant if you want a peaceful riverside retreat, a bustling city hangout, or a dining experience that’s literally on top of the world, these places have something in store for you.

Next time you’re scratching your head about where to eat in Calgary, just take a peek at this list and choose your view. Because dining out is about more than just stuffing your face—it’s about the whole experience, my friends.