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Where to eat brunch Calgary

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Weekend mornings are my time to try out new places and sample what they have to offer. I’ve become quite the brunch connoisseur if I do say so myself! I thought I’d share some of my top recommendations with you all.

These are the spots you should check.

Bro’kin Yolk


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So the other weekend I finally went to check out that Bro’kin Yolk place over on 4th Ave that I’ve been hearing so much about. All my friends have been raving about it, saying how it’s always packed with locals and the food is super fresh.

I got there around 10 on a Saturday and sure enough, the place was hopping! But they seated me pretty quickly by the big windows, and it was a nice spot to people watch while I looked over the menu.

They’ve got a big selection of breakfast items but I went with the chicken and waffles cause I heard that was amazing. I already mentioned this place as one of the best spots for breakfast.

The chicken skin was so crispy and the waffles were fluffy and light – like the perfect combo of sweet and savory, you know? It came with real maple syrup too which took it to another level.

While I was eating I sipped on their cold brew coffee which was perfect on such a busy morning. It was strong but smooth, just woke me up without making me jittery.

The staff seemed really nice too, always grabbing empty plates and smiling. Really made the whole vibe there comfortable and friendly.

The Beltliner

Must-visit Calgary brunch locations

This little cafe down in Calgary does breakfast really well. Lots of locals mixed in with tourists were all enjoying a Sunday morning.

I grabbed a booth and started with one of their breakfast drinks, some kind of Bloody Mary thing with fun stuff on a stick in it. It was tasty. The menu had way more options than your average breakfast joint. I went for the potato thing they made – layers of thin potato slices all crispy and brown, really good.

My main was the smoked salmon with avocado on an egg. The eggs were done just right, not runny but not hard. The sauce on it was creamy but light so you could really taste the salmon, which was super soft and flavorful. The avocado gave it some freshness.

The staff were great, knew their stuff about the food, and were quick to give suggestions on what to get.

Yellow Door Bistro

Best brunch spots Calgary

For the next part of my journey, I wanted to try one of the brunch places downtown. I ended up at Yellow Door, which is in that big fancy hotel. I heard they made interesting food there.

Since they’re known for different cooking, I looked at their menu choices. A nice server said to start with the food station because the chef does a good job there. I was curious to eat different things.

At the food station, there was a big selection. They had bread and pastries you could pick from. The chocolate ones were really tasty. Then there was a spread of meats and cheeses paired with jam and mustard.

At one spot, the chef made me an omelet with three ingredients I chose. He worked fast and neatly put everything together.

The entrees were good too. I liked the French toast topped with banana and a dollop of vanilla cream. It was rich but not too much, and the fruit went well with the cream. Another favorite was the salmon on an English muffin with a light but creamy sauce.

The drinks were refreshing. The house mimosa with orange juice and bubbly wine hit the spot. And their special coffee smelled really good.

Overall it was a nice relaxing meal in a comfortable setting. The food had variety and was all made fresh. I’m glad I checked them out.

River Café

It’s in that big park by the river downtown. When I walked around outside it was really quiet and nice looking at the trees and water, which put me in a good mood.

I sat outside at a table to have a good view. The menu had seasonal local foods that sounded good. To start I tried a croissant, fruit pastry, and a savory scone with herbs and cheese, which was tasty.

For the main meal, I had fish cakes with a creamy dill sauce and greens. The fish was soft and flavorful with the sauce. You could tell they made the food well.

They offered refreshing homemade rhubarb lemonade and went with the meal without being overpowering.

Galaxie Diner

Top Calgary brunch destinations

They keep it simple with the classic diner setup – checkered tiles, booths, counter stools, ya know the deal.

Any time I swing by, usually early cause I’m starting my day, it’s buzzing with folks chatting over the sizzle of bacon and eggs cooking. The menu is plain and to the point too, giving you all the staples. Last time I did the standard all-day plate – fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, and those perfect hashbrowns.

And don’t even get me started on the pancakes. Thick and soft just how I like them, served up with real maple syrup.

The coffee’s on hand all day to keep you fueled, always making sure to top you off. You don’t need to dress up or make a reservation either. Just grab a spot and relax with a home-style meal.

Service is quick too and the staff knows their stuff. They’ll point out their specials and keep an eye that your mug never empties. That’s why we locals just keep coming back.

Last Words

And there you have it, my favorite morning spots. You surely won’t be sorry by choosing any of these as your first spot to visit upon visiting Calgary.