15 Best Coffee Shops in Calgary to Start Your Day – Finest Brews In City

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If you can’t function without your morning coffee (like yours truly), then you’re in for a treat. I’ve scouted the city to bring you the ultimate guide to coffee shops in Calgary where your caffeine cravings will not only be met but exceeded. Buckle up, and let’s get this coffee tour started!

1. Analog Coffee

Top coffee spots Calgary

📍 Location: 17th Ave

Analog Coffee ain’t just your average Joe coffee shop. This place is more like a caffeine oasis! Does it smell good in there! They are roasting those beans fresh every day right on site. This spot is perfect if you need to buckle down and focus on some work.

Or maybe you’re looking for a cool place to meet up with some friends and shoot the breeze. Doesn’t matter what you’re there for – with the friendly vibes and that sweet bean smell, you’re bound to feel relaxed.

  • Must-try: Their in-house roasted coffee
  • Why go? The vibe is just as potent as their coffee.

2. Philosafy Coffee


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📍 Location: 17th Ave SW

This joint is all about that down-to-earth, good-vibe stuff and coffee that’ll knock your socks off. Philosafy Coffee doesn’t mess around when it comes to freshness. They grind those beans right in front of you, which is super-satisfying to watch.

And their specialty drinks? They’ll make every barista within a 50-mile radius green with envy. Plus, they’ve got this sweet outdoor seating area for those elusive, sun-kissed days in Calgary.

  • Highlight: Specialty drinks that are a must-try
  • Perks: Outdoor seating to enjoy that rare Calgary sun

3. Alforno Bakery and Café

Best Calgary cafes

📍 Location: 7th St SW

Part of: The Teatro Group

This place has everything from espresso to snacks to full-on pizzas and pastas, while it is huge and bright as can be. Makes it perfect for a lazy morning.  I’m talking plenty of space to spread out with your food and drinks. None of that cramped up feeling. I loved it, and with its chill vibes, you are bound to come back for that morning coffee.

  • What to eat: Try their pastas with your coffee
  • Ambience: It’s like a big, bright Italian kitchen

4. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

Calgary coffeehouses

📍 Location: 2020 11 St SE

Now for something a bit rugged. The Calgary Heritage Roasting Company offers a coffee experience that’s as bold as it is rustic, and they do it without that pesky acidic aftertaste. Plus, they plant a tree for every bag of coffee sold—guilt-free sipping at its finest.

  • Eco-friendly: A tree planted with every purchase
  • Taste: Bold flavors without the acid

5. Café Gravity

Finest coffee Calgary

📍 Location: 909 10 St SE

Café Gravity doubles as a wine bar and music venue by night, making it the most versatile entry on this list.  Their coffee, paninis, soup, and chili are top-notch. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a good brew and maybe a glass of wine right after.

Obviously, this isn’t a regular cafe, and you can drop by here when you want to have some lunch or dinner alongside delicious brew.

  • Unique: Coffee shop by day, wine bar by night
  • Try: Their coffee with a side of live music

6. Caffé Beano

Top-rated cafes Calgary

📍 Location: 1613 9 St SW

Caffé Beano is a local legend with coffee strong enough to wake the dead and fresh-baked muffins to die for.  It’s a no-frills spot that focuses on quality and taste, perfect for coffee purists and muffin enthusiasts.

And those muffins are the reason why I regularly come back. You just gotta try them to know what I’m talking about.

  • Known for: Strong coffee and even stronger community vibes
  • Eat this: Fresh-baked muffins, obviously

7. Congress Coffee

Best coffee Calgary

📍 Location: 215 36 Ave NE #1A

Style: 1990s coffeehouse

Step into Congress Coffee and time travel back to the ’90s. Here, it’s all about simple pleasures: great coffee, casual meals, and a vibe that encourages lingering.

They also double as an arts and music venue, so who knows? Your coffee break might turn into a cultural outing. This place takes me back, and I love to visit it with my friends for casual afternoons.

  • Vibe: Retro with a touch of art
  • Tip: Stick around for unexpected live performances

8. Deville Coffee

Coffee shops Calgary

📍 Location: 807 1 St SW

Expansion: Now in British Columbia, too

Deville Coffee focuses on high-quality, direct trade coffee beans, and they are very famous for their sustainable farming support. It’s a modern spot for the discerning coffee lover who cares about where their beans come from. Cool ambiance as well!

  • Ethics: Supports direct trade
  • Drink: Any coffee here, they’re all meticulously sourced

9. Higher Ground

📍 Location: 1126 Kensington Rd NW

Higher Ground is another place where coffee meets conscience. They offer a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks, plus sandwiches, salads, and an all-day breakfast for the perpetually late risers among us.

This is the place where I love to go and bring my laptop for work. Its chill vibe and relaxed ambiance serve as a great work environment aside from being an awesome coffee place.

  • Certifications: Organic, fair trade, bird friendly, rainforest alliance
  • Menu: Don’t miss the all-day breakfast

10. I Love You Coffee Shop

Calgary morning brews

📍 Location: 348b 14 Ave SW

This quirky spot is a clubhouse for the community, with an atmosphere that feels like you’re hanging out in a friend’s living room—if your friend was cool enough to own a Japanese jazz bar. It’s cozy, it’s unique, and yes, it’s lovable.

  • Atmosphere: Clubhouse vibes with a side of espresso
  • Unique: Inspired by Japanese jazz bars, and it shows

11. Monogram

Calgary's favorite coffee spots

📍 Location: 420 2 St SW

Growth: Expanded to four locations; operates Primary Colours restaurant too

Monogram is serious about coffee. They’ve won national barista awards, and it’s not hard to see why. Not if you tasted some of their brews.

The attention to detail here is just at the next level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee novice or a connoisseur, Monogram will surely have something that will impress you.

  • Accolades: National barista awards
  • Why visit: For a taste of award-winning expertise

12. Neighbour Coffee


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📍 Location: 4038 16 St SW

Part of: Our Daily Brett family

Located in Altadore and Inglewood, Neighbour Coffee is your go-to for a warm cup and a fresh meal. It’s a part of the Our Daily Brett family, so you know the food is good, and the coffee? Even better.

  • Community: Strong local ties
  • Must try: Their fresh meals are a perfect match for their brews

13. Phil and Sebastian

Calgary's best coffee places

📍 Location: 414 3 St SW

Owned and operated by, well, Phil and Sebastian, this coffee shop roasts its own distinct coffee that has carved out a niche in Calgary’s coffee scene.

They’re all about crafting that perfect cup, and they have a tradition that lasts for 18 years and is still going strong.

  • Unique: Their coffee is a local legend
  • Experience: Roasting their own since 2006

14. Rosso Coffee Roasters

Calgary's top coffee picks

📍 Location: 103 17 Ave SE

Franchise: Five locations in Calgary

At Rosso Coffee Roasters, they really know their stuff. They find the coffee beans themselves and roast them right there – that means every cup is as fresh and tasty as can be.

And get this – they’ve got five locations around town, so if you live in different city districts, you are bound to find one that will be close to you. Now you’ve got no excuse not to stop in and get yourself a cup of the good stuff.

  • Local: Sourced and roasted in-house
  • Tip: Visit any of their five locations for a consistent taste

15. Sought x Found Coffee Roasters

📍 Location: 916 Centre St N

Sought x Found Coffee Roasters have managed to turn a simple cup of joe into a masterpiece. I mean, who knew coffee could be so…fancy? They’ve got this knack for presenting their brews in a way that makes you feel like you’re in an art gallery, not a coffee shop.

They’ve adopted each bean, given it a loving home, and nurtured it into becoming the best version of itself.

  • Artistic: Coffee presentation that captivates
  • Why go? To appreciate the art of coffee

Final Words

And there you have it! The 15 must-visit coffee shops in Calgary where you can start your day off right. These are the places where you can find a quick caffeine fix, but you can also linger over a latte or maybe even a meal.

One thing is certain – if you visit at least one of the places I’ve listed here, you sure won’t be disappointed.