Where to Party During Stampede Week – Events for Your Inner Cowboy

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Calgary Stampede–It’s that time of year when cowboy hats aren’t just acceptable—they’re practically mandatory. If you’re looking to swap your office shoes for cowboy boots and partake in some hearty stomp-dancing, I’ve got the lowdown on where you should be hoofing it during Stampede Week.

Here’s a hit-list of the top spots to let loose and maybe—just maybe—ride a mechanical bull without embarrassing yourself.

1. Ranchman’s

📍 Location: 9615 Macleod Trail S

Get ready to hear about the almighty Ranchman’s, people! Now, let me tell you something: this place is no ordinary bar.  Oh no, it’s way more than that.

It’s like a sacred initiation ceremony for all you Stampede aficionados out there, where you can truly embrace the essence of this wild event.


  • Authentic honky-tonk atmosphere where the cowboy spirit feels most alive.
  • Proven popularity—this place becomes the heart of Stampede festivities.
  • No shortage of cowboy boots and hat-wearing patrons ready to dance the night away.

Trust me, you haven’t truly experienced Stampede until you’ve two-stepped at Ranchman’s. It’s like a pilgrimage for party-goers.

2. Whiskey Rose Saloon

Calgary Stampede events

📍 Location: 1012 17 Ave SW

Next, Whiskey Rose Saloon is a place that is like a wild fusion of Calgary’s charm and a pinch of Nashville naughtiness.  It’s a real hot spot for all you music lovers and dance floor enthusiasts out there. They’ve got good tunes, they’ve got lively vibes, they’ve got it all.


  • Enjoy the blend of local and Nashville vibes.
  • Brand spanking new Stampede tent for an even better experience.
  • Live music that keeps you tapping your boots till dawn.
The saloon is debuting a Stampede tent this year. Be among the first to claim you partied there; your bragging rights are waiting.

3. Cowboys Dance Hall

Stampede Week parties Calgary

📍 Location: 421 12 Ave SE

Cowboys Dance Hall is not just about dancing. Nope, it’s a whole freaking gold mine of fun stuff during the Stampede Week.  Seriously, don’t be fooled by the name.

It’s like a big old hub where you can find all sorts of entertainment. I’m talking about a party paradise. You just have to visit to see what I’m talking about.


  • The vibrant country-western atmosphere is contagious.
  • The dance hall and tent offer ample space to showcase your line dancing skills.
  • It’s a meeting spot for both locals and tourists, making it a great place to mingle.
Cowboys is practically synonymous with Stampede. Missing out would be like skipping the rodeo itself—unthinkable!

4. The Back Alley


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📍 Location: 4630 Macleod Trail

The Back Alley is a place that doesn’t exactly scream ‘country bar’ on a regular day, but it decides to go all cowboy on us come July.

And don’t be the fool who misses out on this wild transformation. Trust me, it’s gonna be something you won’t wanna pass up.


  • Transforms into a country refuge during Stampede.
  • Known for throwing some of the most outrageous parties in town.
  • A perfect spot if you’re looking to mix a mega-club vibe with country themes.
It offers a unique break from the traditional country scene, perfect for those who want a taste of everything.

5. National Saloon

Stampede nightlife Calgary

📍 Location: 330 11 Ave SW

The National Saloon is a newcomer on the block, brought to you by the folks at Concorde Entertainment Group, and they’re going all out.


  • Over 2,000 people capacity—so yes, you can bring all your friends.
  • Includes a beer garden that feels like a mini-festival.
  • Live entertainment that’s bound to impress.
It’s new, it’s big, and it promises top-notch entertainment. Get in early and witness the beginning of a new Stampede tradition.

6. Wildhorse Saloon

Stampede festivities Calgary

📍 Location: 500 6 Ave SW

Just hearing the name Wildhorse Saloon should make your heart skip a beat with sheer excitement.  This joint is practically legendary when it comes to Stampede Week.

It’s an old, reliable institution that never fails to deliver a wild and unforgettable time.


  • Non-stop dance floor to keep your adrenaline pumping.
  • Features from western barbecue to Double Zero Pizza for when you need to refuel.
  • More than 20 bars, so the drinks keep coming.
If you love variety and hate standing in line for a drink, Wildhorse is your paradise.

7. Nashville North

Calgary Stampede celebrations

📍 Location: Inside Stampede Park

Nashville North is the ultimate hotspot for all visitors who can’t get enough of music during Stampede Week. Now, let me fill you in on the deets.  It’s nestled right in the heart of Stampede Park, and it’s like the holy grail for music lovers.

The best part? You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy some live tunes. Nope, all you gotta do is pay your way into the park, and voila! Free live music, which is tough to beat.


  • A lineup of amazing artists that could very well charge for tickets outside Stampede.
  • Enjoy the music without extra charges.
  • The energy here is unmatched—everyone is here to have a great time.
It’s the heart of Stampede’s musical entertainment. Plus, it’s free with your park entry. Enough said.

8. Buckaroos


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📍 Location: 117 8 Ave SW

If you’re looking for a Stampede experience that’s as down-to-earth as it gets, look no further than Buckaroos.  They’ve got everything you need to have a rip-roaring good time: delicious grub, toe-tapping tunes, and some mighty fine visitors to keep you company. Seriously, the energy and the vibe here are truly special.


  • A cozy setup that feels welcoming and less overwhelming than larger venues.
  • Good food and great tunes—what more do you need?
  • Ideal for those who prefer a more laid-back vibe.
Sometimes, smaller is better. Buckaroos proves that every time.

9. Spanky’s Saloon

Stampede week nightlife

📍 Location: 219 10 Ave SW

Last but not least, I’ve prepared a gem for you, the one and only Spanky’s Saloon. They’re taking you on a trip down memory lane to the good old days of “Electric Ave.”

Yeah, you heard me right! They’re embracing that honky-tonk dive concept like it’s nobody’s business.


  • Experience the nostalgia of Calgary’s famed party history.
  • Daily specials that take the whole experience up a notch.
  • It’s the place for a more intimate, gritty party feel.
If you enjoy a bit of history with your party, Spanky’s offers that with a modern twist.


Well, guys, there you have it! I’ve just laid out nine mind-blowing spots for you to explore during the Calgary Stampede. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Stampede pro or a wide-eyed newbie eager to jump into the action, these places are bound to blow your mind and capture the true essence of this epic event.

So, saddle up and get ready for a wild ride, because this experience is going to knock your socks off!