A Beginner’s Guide to Calgary’s Craft Beers – Breweries to Visit

Calgary craft beer brewery guide

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Calgary is a place where the beer flows freely and commonly. With a whopping 44 breweries to explore, it’s easy to lose track of your pint glasses.

Whether you’re into the hoppy, the dark, the light, or the downright funky sour beers, Calgary’s craft beer scene has something that’ll tickle your fancy or possibly numb it—thanks to the local barley, wheat, and that highly underrated Rocky Mountain water.

Today, I will list some of my favorite places to get a beer with friends. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Common Crown Brewing Co.

Best Calgary craft beer

Common Crown Brewing is a place where you can find a beer that has a hazy, medium apricot amber color. The beer has a big, fluffy, rocky, and silky white head that slowly disappears, leaving behind chunky lace on the glass.

Now, let’s talk about the aroma. They offer beers with bready and doughy caramel malt flavors, a touch of spiciness from wheat, and a burst of zingy orange and white grapefruit rind. There’s also a hint of yeasty goodness and a mix of leafy, herbal, and floral hop bitters.

Their beers offer a variety of flavors. You can enjoy the semi-sweet, grainy, and bready caramel malt, or if you prefer, go for the taste of wet Wheat Thins. They also have beers with a mix of citrus fruits that are a bit muddled in flavor. Brewmaster’s heaven, this place is.

  • My beer recommendation: Good Company Hazy Pale Ale
  • Where? 943 28 St NE

2. Marda Loop Brewing Company Inc.

Calgary craft breweries tour

In this brewery, it all began with a couple of regular people named Mike and Lolly de Jonge who wanted to make the best beers out there. Their mission was to bring top-notch craft beer to their local community, all while keeping things laid-back and casual.

They wanted to create a spot where people could gather, have a pint, and share some good times. They definitely succeeded there. I absolutely love dropping here with my friends as their wheat ales are likely the best you can get in this city.

  • My beer recommendation: Casablanca Blonde
  • Where? 3523 18 Street SW

Zero Issue Brewing

Zero Issues Brewing is the brainchild of two Calgary brothers who were all about comic books, sci-fi, and video games when they were growing up.  They didn’t just leave those passions behind in childhood—they actually turned them into a seriously awesome brewery.

These guys merged their love for all things nerdy with their adult obsession for brewing (and, of course, drinking) mind-blowing beer. The result? A brewery that’s a total tribute to the geeky side of life.

Their art is comic-inspired, and the names they give to their beers are super nerdy. But the atmosphere is top-notch, and the beers are even better.

  • My beer recommendation: Zero Coast IPA (Careful, it has a punch to it)
  • Where? 4210 12 St NE

3. Last Best Brewery & Distillery

Last Best Brewing & Distilling has been around since May 2015. Their name, Last Best, actually has this whole backstory.  Back in the late 1800s, the Canadian government came up with this genius plan called ‘The Last Best West.’

They wanted to get more people living in the western prairies and boost agriculture in Canada.  They believed it was the last best chance for folks to settle down and build a future. And guess what? It worked! The success of that initiative set the stage for the craft beer and distilling industries we have today in Alberta.

So, Last Best Brewing & Distilling pays homage to this awesome history by not only having a kickass name but also by making damn good beer, spirits, and Alberta-inspired cuisine.

  • My beer recommendation: Their standard beer is excellent but there is nothing “standard” about it, trust me.
  • Where? 607 11 Ave SW

4. Trolley5 Brewpub

Exploring Calgary craft beer scene

A real deal craft brewery like Trolley5 knows how to unite people for all the important stuff: parties, sunny days, grub, snowstorms, and, of course, each other.  Back in the day, before our city became the bustling metropolis it is now, the area we call the Beltline went by the name of No.5 Trolley Line.

It proudly transported all those hardworking Calgarians who shaped our awesome city. Here at Trolley 5, they decided to keep on bringing the community together with amazing food, beer, and some kickass friendships.

Nowadays, it’s pretty much the same, but with much more beers and food to choose from and an even better atmosphere. I love this place!

  • My beer recommendation: First Crush White IPA
  • Where? 728 17 Ave SW

5. Cabin Brewing Company

Tour of Calgary breweries

This place is a sanctuary that offers all the comforts of home, but in a setting far removed from mundane routines and workaday pressures.

It’s a place where you can really unwind and be free from the burdens of daily life while sipping tasty beer.

  • My beer recommendation: Luminosity
  • Where? 505 36 Ave SE

6. Annex Ale Project

Calgary brewery visits for novices

Annex is the real deal when it comes to brewing. They’ve got their headquarters right smack in the heart of Calgary, and they’re cranking out not just four year-round beers, but a whole bunch of experimental brews that’ll blow your mind.

They’re not just about the booze, though – they’ve got a selection of craft sodas, too.

  • My beer recommendation: Idle Hands (Italian Pilsner)
  • Where? 4323 1 St SE

7. Citizen Brewing Company

Craft beer in Calgary

At Citizen Brewing Company, they’ve got this amazing tap room that can accommodate 50 people. It’s conveniently located between the Tuxedo and Highland Park communities, right at the end of Calgary’s Greenview industrial area.

They also have gorgeous patios that I particularly love. They’ve got a hop and vegetable garden sprawled all over them, making it a real treat to enjoy your brewsky.  And there’s space for over 200 people! You can bring your whole crew, including your pets.

  • My beer recommendation: ‘Belma and Louse’ New England Pale Ale
  • Where? 227 35 Ave NE


So there you have it. Calgary’s craft beer scene isn’t just growing; it’s thriving, it’s innovating, and most importantly, it’s delicious. In this city, casual sippers and die-hard beer aficionados can find their favorite places in a short amount of time. Why wait? Grab a pint and start exploring—responsibly, of course.